AB Renewables’ Construction Boom

The results of Alberta's renewable energy tenders and climate action program of the past four years, combined with a deregulated electricity market, continue to drive forward the province's renewable energy build-out.  Though support for solar energy at the residential level has waned, the new government's updated carbon pricing policy (TIER), maintains a $30/tonne level of … Continue reading AB Renewables’ Construction Boom

Community Resilience with Renewables

As we hurtle towards a global climate catastrophe, the importance of renewable energy and resource resilience for society becomes dramatically more important. One of the most critical emerging growth areas of the sector appears to be in community-led energy systems.  Renewable energy installations co-located with villages, towns, or cities provide a hefty double benefit; along … Continue reading Community Resilience with Renewables

A change is coming

Look to your home-fires. Following climate change and renewable energy for the past 14 years, seeing the steadily increasing real-world impacts, technological progress, and, ever so slowly, public concern and engagement, punctuated by brain-numbing climate conference wrangling...it feels like we may be at the edge of a major shift in focus. A return to the … Continue reading A change is coming

CC and RE in 2018: Our Brave New Legacy

Since last writing my observations in June of this year, a lot has happened in the North American climate and renewables space, much of it not good. On the positive side; Corporate renewable energy procurement in the US is way, way up. Battery energy storage continues to make strides and market traction. Sales of EVs … Continue reading CC and RE in 2018: Our Brave New Legacy

The Democratization of Renewable Energy Financing

  Over the past 15 years, as utilities, companies, and consumers have answered the call to transition to non-emitting forms of energy, costs for implementation have fallen dramatically, especially for wind and solar energy. This is a profoundly positive development.  Concurrently, the PPA (power purchase agreement) rates that underpin the financing and construction of many … Continue reading The Democratization of Renewable Energy Financing

Rise of Hybrid+Storage: “Super-Renewables”

One of the images I've held in my mind over the past 12 years of taking an interest in renewables is the big shiny solar farm, with a half-dozen or so full-scale wind turbines standing like sentinels on the north side of the facility. This application has been experimented with for years, primarily in industrial … Continue reading Rise of Hybrid+Storage: “Super-Renewables”

Canadian Renewables: Update Q2-2018

Its a bit of a battlefield out there folks. Or maybe a circus madhouse.  Here's the round-up, West to East. BC Hydro officially suspends new contracting activity through its SOP (Standard Offer Program), citing uncertainty regarding power pricing, new electricity needs, etc, a predictable casualty of the abominable business decision to proceed with the Site … Continue reading Canadian Renewables: Update Q2-2018

Solar + EV Charging = A perfect fit

As more and more EV charging locations are installed around the world, along with a steadily increasing number of electric vehicles sold and distributed, the value and impact of that charging infrastructure increases to society overall.  It would be a net benefit to make sure that infrastructure a) generates a share of the required increase … Continue reading Solar + EV Charging = A perfect fit

Alberta Renewable Tenders Power Ahead

Here's a short but stunning summary of the last several months in Alberta's new renewable energy build-out: December 2017: The long-awaited results of the AESO's first Renewable Electricity Program tender (Round 1) are announced. History is made, with the lowest prices for wind-power in Canada ever, on par with the Midwestern states like Dakota and … Continue reading Alberta Renewable Tenders Power Ahead