A change is coming

Look to your home-fires. Following climate change and renewable energy for the past 14 years, seeing the steadily increasing real-world impacts, technological progress, and, ever so slowly, public concern and engagement, punctuated by brain-numbing climate conference wrangling...it feels like we may be at the edge of a major shift in focus. A return to the … Continue reading A change is coming

CC and RE in 2018: Our Brave New Legacy

Since last writing my observations in June of this year, a lot has happened in the North American climate and renewables space, much of it not good. On the positive side; Corporate renewable energy procurement in the US is way, way up. Battery energy storage continues to make strides and market traction. Sales of EVs … Continue reading CC and RE in 2018: Our Brave New Legacy

The Democratization of Renewable Energy Financing

  Over the past 15 years, as utilities, companies, and consumers have answered the call to transition to non-emitting forms of energy, costs for implementation have fallen dramatically, especially for wind and solar energy. This is a profoundly positive development.  Concurrently, the PPA (power purchase agreement) rates that underpin the financing and construction of many … Continue reading The Democratization of Renewable Energy Financing

Rise of Hybrid+Storage: “Super-Renewables”

One of the images I've held in my mind over the past 12 years of taking an interest in renewables is the big shiny solar farm, with a half-dozen or so full-scale wind turbines standing like sentinels on the north side of the facility. This application has been experimented with for years, primarily in industrial … Continue reading Rise of Hybrid+Storage: “Super-Renewables”

Canadian Renewables: Update Q2-2018

Its a bit of a battlefield out there folks. Or maybe a circus madhouse.  Here's the round-up, West to East. BC Hydro officially suspends new contracting activity through its SOP (Standard Offer Program), citing uncertainty regarding power pricing, new electricity needs, etc, a predictable casualty of the abominable business decision to proceed with the Site … Continue reading Canadian Renewables: Update Q2-2018

Solar + EV Charging = A perfect fit

As more and more EV charging locations are installed around the world, along with a steadily increasing number of electric vehicles sold and distributed, the value and impact of that charging infrastructure increases to society overall.  It would be a net benefit to make sure that infrastructure a) generates a share of the required increase … Continue reading Solar + EV Charging = A perfect fit